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The Console is accessible in-game and in-editor by pressing CTRL+F8 (Keep in mind that this might not work if your window manager already has this bound). Below is a list of input you can type in the console to activate/deactivate a command. To use them, follow this step-by-step:

  1. Press CTRL+F8 while you are in Heroes of Newerth (in a game or in the lobby).
  2. You now have the console in front of you with a lot of information.
  3. Type the command in bold you see below.
  4. Press Enter to execute the command.
  5. Press CTRL+F8 to close the console.

Available commands[edit]

Command and Variable list[edit]

  • Type cmdlist: This show all the available commands you may type in the console.
  • Type cvarlist: You will see all variable settings and their current value. You also see the possible value of each variable.

Host Draw FPS[edit]

  • Type host_drawfps 1: This will show your current frames per second in the top right of your screen.
  • Type host_drawfps 2: This will show your ping.
  • Type host_drawfps 0:

Enable Development aspect of the game[edit]

  • Type cg_dev true: After typing this command, click on Create Game button then click on Advanced option. You should see a small box at the top right corner of the advance options. It is named 'dh'. For example, if you click on this box you can play with the Heroes Nomad.

This isn't possible anymore.